Contact information

Do you have questions regarding our activities, membership or naval voluntary defence in general?

You may contact us via email at or reach out to the chairman, secretary or any of the board members. We will be happy to provide you with additional information.

Postal address

Sininen Reservi ry
c/o Petri Käyhkö
Grannarsintie 48
Business ID 3050909-4


Petri Käyhkö
Master Chief Petty Officer
+358 50 366 2024


Lasse Mäki
Lieutenant, Junior Grade
+358 40 738 5878


We are primarily accepting electronic invoices to the address below. If electronic invoices cannot be delivered, an alternative way is to send the invoice as an email attachment at or directly to the contact person of the order.

Electronic invoicing address 003730509094
Invoice operator
003708599126 (OpenText)

Board members

The Finnish Naval Reserve board oversees the organization’s daily activities. According to the constitution of the association, the board consists of a chairman and 6–14 members that are elected in the annual meeting. Each of the board members must be a member in one of the membership associations of the Finnish Naval Reserve. The board’s term is for the time between annual meetings. Navy Command Finland, the Naval Training District of MPK (Meripuolustuspiiri) and the Naval Defence Foundation (Meripuolustussäätiö) may appoint their own representatives in the board with rights to attend and speak in the meetings.


Board members for the term 2023–2024

Chairmen and secretary
Petri Käyhkö                     chairman
Harri Koponen                 first vice chairman
Markus Liesalho              second vice chairman
Lasse Mäki                        secretary

Board members
Juha Dahlbo
Seppo Kaila
Mikael Kaskelo
Rami Klén
Ville Kymäläinen
Mikko Leppänen
Timo Mäkiö
Markku Saarikannas
Jukka Soini
Eero Vaitiniemi
Teija Wessman

Partner representatives
Mika Kanninen                  Navy Command Finland
Sami Linnermo                  Naval Defence Foundation
Petri Pääkkönen                MPK/Naval Training District

More information, including lists of the committee members and responsibles, is provided on the page Yhteystiedot in Finnish.